The project is a large collaboration between lots of people, and would not be possible without any one of them. The aims of bugbank have been conceived and pursued principally by:

David Wyllie

David is Consultant Microbiologist at Public Health England. Besides his clinical specialism in microbiology, he is an academic at the University of Oxford with expertise in molecular biology, genetics and computing.

Anne-Marie O'Connell

Anne-Marie is Head of Information Management at the National Infection Service within PHE. She is the chief architect of PHE's microbiology database, and has worked tirelessly to integrate the diverse daily feeds from English hospitals' microbiology labs into a central resource at PHE headquarters in Colindale, London.

Naomi Allen

Naomi is Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Oxford and Chief Scientist at UK Biobank. She has been instrumental in the development of the UK Biobank, which is one of the world's largest studies of environmental and genetic risk factors for common diseases, following around half a million people over time for over a decade.

Daniel Wilson

Daniel is Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Big Data Institute Robertson Fellow at the University of Oxford. Within bugbank, he is developing logistical infrastructure for collecting germs from UK Biobank participants and data analysis methods for the joint analysis of human and pathogen genetics to better understand risk factors for infection.